Music Video For Teeel’s “Corduroy Swell” Is A Bizarro Glimpse At 1920s Beach Culture

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Teeel just posted another video for “Corduroy Swell” where he sampled images from an old 1920s movie featuring two young women frolicking on an east coast beach, all the while hiding from (and flirting with) a group of young guys.  For some reason I couldn’t help but compare the innocent demeanor and mannerisms of these two girls to Japanese or Korean culture of today.  It’s been nearly 100 years since this footage was filmed, but if you were to follow these same two girls to the same rocky Long Island beach in 2011 chances are you would catch them either smoking crack, giving head, or God knows what else.  I can’t say I would ever want to return 100% to a world of 1920s social etiquette, but maybe 50% would be nice.  Half civilized, half dirty.  These days I get the impression our social pendulum has swung too far to the full-on 100% nasty side with teenage kids sexting their naughty bits to eachother every 5 minutes, every other wanna-be celebrity releasing a sex tape, and all of us too busy checking our blackberries to stop and help the sweet old lady cross the street with her groceries.  It seems to me the tail is wagging the dog in 2011 with each of us letting the “swells” in our corduroys have to too much power in our day-to-day decisions and motivations.

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Source: Teeel on Facebook

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