“Decanter Lights” By Designer Lee Broom

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Sometimes I get so lost in my head I completely forget that I’m in a public space.  One of my favorite things in the world is to submerge myself in a high end magazine store and intoxicate myself on the latest and greatest designs, articles, gossip, styles, etc.  Earlier this afternoon when I was flipping through a design mag I was so taken aback by Lee Broom‘s “Decanter Lights” lighting design I made a half-groaning, half-wheezing noise which I know for sure the lady in the next row must have interpreted as me pleasuring myself.  And I don’t make that noise very often in a store, so Lee: I guess you automatically passed my approval test.  Lee created the “Decanter Lights” for his latest bar design Coquine in west London (the bar also houses pieces from Broom’s recent Heritage Boy collection).  Each light is made from a lead crystal drink decanter which Broom personally sourced from antique markets and vintage shops.  They come in two styles: either natural crystal clear or polished gold, and in bell or square shapes. Each lamp is approximately 8″ tall and has a 25-watt bulb. My favorite is the blocky gold one, but they all go so perfectly together I would want each and every one of them.  Gorgeousness. To learn more about Lee’s work you can visit his website at LeeBroom.com

Source: Design Boom

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