The Jodlowa House (Krakow, Poland)

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I am a sucker for glass pavilion homes, and this one in Poland is certainly no exception.  The design was a collaboration between architecture firm PCKO and MOFO Architects, and among the highlights of the design is the respect it accords the natural environment of the site — it practically floats above the grass. I was trained and educated as an architect and, therefore, spend a lot of time thinking about what my own dream home would look like; but lately I’ve been putting a great deal more thought towards it than I normally do.  One thing I would steal from this design for my own house would be not just the hovering effect, but also the untouched landscaping — let it grow as wild as possible I say. There are certain types of tall wild grass out there that I find far more enjoyable to the eye than the standard manicured lawn.  Plus the smell would be outstanding (and the crickets would likely be 10X as loud which I don’t mind at all). The Jodlowa House below contains 1,500 sq. ft. of living area and a 5-storey viewing tower.  The lower floors of the tower contain some guest rooms with a study on top of the tower providing amazing panoramic views of the distant Tatra Mountains.

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