The Interactive BIFID™ Lighting System Incorporates Complex Algorithmics And Mathematics Into Its Design

by • April 5, 2011 • Industrial And Product DesignComments (0)5746

BIFID™ is an interactive lighting prototype designed by principal designer Alisa Andrasek, and her team of fellow designers and computer whizzes: Andrea Flamenco, Tobias Schwinn, and Roland Snooks.  The project is a collaboration with MB Wellington Studio (creators of Lightblocks®), the Eastman Chemical Company (who donated the materials) and Michael Luck Schneider. BIFID™ is a fusion of many levels of design consideration: algorithmically-derived intersection points, the materiality of the polycarbonate material, and the constraints of the numerically-controlled fabrication method available to them.  The pulsing light patterns were programmed according to the mathematics of wave interference taking into account the geometry of the existing ceiling. To learn more you can visit Biothing.

Source: Biothing

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