The Christopher Hotel In Saint Barts Is Pretty Much Perfect

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It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness, but finally that old axiom has been proven to be false once and for all.  Of COURSE money can buy happiness — what’s poverty gonna get you?  A plastic bucket at the dollar store?  And nothing makes me more furious than poor people who dump on rich people simply because they’re rich. Well, you know what?  Not all rich people are bad: some of them have actually worked incredibly hard for everything they own.  Even Eckhart Tolle, my spiritual guru, says there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of excess every now and then — so long as you realize it’s not what defines you.  Someday I would love to test this theory out myself if the Lotto Max gods ever decide to smile down upon me (I’ll leave it in the hands of fate for the moment because I don’t see myself developing a Steve Jobs-calibre savoir faire for running a multi-billion dollar business anytime soon).  If they do, one of the first items I will be stroking off my list is a restful stay at The Christopher Hotel on the crazy beautiful island of Saint Barts in the Caribbean. The hotel has 41 guest rooms in 8 varieties/ranges: from 300 square feet for a poolside standard room, to 947 square feet for the Ocean Deluxe suites.  The prices range from $427 to $1,978 per night depending on the season and “shee-shee-foo-foo” factor of the room in question. To make a reservation just head on over to The Christopher Hotel.

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