Watching The Mesmerizing Arc4™ OSC Encoder In The Hands Of A Pro Will Make You Want One Of Your Own

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Before I get into why this next invention is getting so many novice & expert music producers creaming their pants I will have to give you the definition of “Open Sound Control”:

(OSC) is a content format for messaging among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that are optimized for modern networking technology. Bringing the benefits of modern networking technology to the world of electronic musical instruments, OSC’s advantages include interoperability, accuracy, flexibility, and enhanced organization and documentation.

There you have it.  I didn’t have a clue what it was before today either until I found this video on ISO50; and if they get excited then I get excited.  All you really have to do is watch the video to see how intuitively friendly this machine is to use.  It’s called the Arc4™ (it has 4 encoders) so just sit back, enjoy the video of the expert taking it for a test drive, all the while wishing you had one of these for yourself. To see ISO50’s profile of this model’s predecessor, the Arc™ (it only has 2 encoders) just head on over to ISO50.

Source: ISO50

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