Daniel Algarin’s New Short Film “The Private Lives Of Wayfield Park”

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A couple months ago I profiled the work of young up-and-coming director Daniel Algarin. I was mesmerized by his video where he combined Benoit Pouillard’s gorgeous track “Kids Are Getting Younger” (remixed by Small Snails) and footage from the 1981 Bernadette Peters film Pennies From Heaven. He’s also directed a video for Shigeto’s “Is This All For Real”, and an original short called A Coin In The Tongue which chronicles the afternoon adventure of a man who appears to be a nature-loving escape convict.

For his latest work, The Private Lives Of Wayfield Park, Daniel takes us on a passenger seat ride through a day in the life of his mind.  The film gives us a glimpse not only into his own hopes, dreams, doubts, and insecurites, but yours as well.  It beautifully captures how easily an unconscious mind can hijack your sense of who you are leaving you riddled with nothing but “mind noise” all the while continuing to let golden opportunities pass you by over and over again.  That is, unless you can turn off that noise in time for a happy ending.  You can watch The Private Lives Of Wayfield Park below, and if you haven’t already seen his Pouilard/Pennies mash-up be sure to check it out as well.

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