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Tao Fernandez (also known as Tao Fernandez Caino) was born in Goya, Argentina, 29 years ago and is a very successful international male model.  He is represented by Banana Models out of Paris, and is the fresh new face on the brand new issue of TETU Magazine. This past September, Tao sat down with Cover Men Mag for an exclusive interview, and here’s a bit of what he had to say:

“My name is Gustavo Fernandez Caino named as TAO in the fashion world I was named after that name without knowing the strong meaning of it. I was born in a little town called Goya (Corrientes) in the north of Argentina, where I was living for 16 years until I decided to move to Buenos Aires, to go on with my studies in graphic design and I started to get involved more with fashion thanks to people that believed in me since the beginning when I started to do shows for boutiques back in my town. Today I describe myself as a dreamer, I am a person who always tries new adventures and tries to discover new ways to pass the obstacles that life puts you every day. I’m a simple and strong person who works in fashion and who always fights for equal rights, I’m a person who always helps others, who always has the feet on earth and I really enjoy different personages when I’m in front of the camera, I’m very positive and ambitious and I really try hard all the times that I need to make my dream come true, I know my limits and the rules of the game even if some times some rules are made to be broken.”

I think it’s very safe to assume Tao has a bright future ahead of himself.  He’s already done extremely well for himself, and in the Cover Men Mag interview he was asked what his first big purchase was when all that cash started pouring in.  His answer: he bought his parents a house (what about me Tao? You know I love you more than THEM! We’ve talked about this).  I find Tao’s look is a perfect mix of 1/2 Jon Kortajarena and 1/2 Harry Connick Jr.  Not to mention his accent which you will get to hear in the YouTube video below (you are the official FEELguide winner of Sexiest F@#king Accent In The World). Dear Tao: you can “connick” my “junior” any day.


TETU images via: Comme Des Garcons; Interview source: Cover Men Mag

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