James Blake “Lindesfarne II”

by • March 3, 2011 • Me, MusicComments (0)2678

I think my two most favorite songs from James Blake at the moment are “Wilhelm’s Scream” and “Lindesfarne II”.  James’ newest album has once again reminded me of one of the most powerful aspects of music: its stickiness .  In this sense I’m referring to how sometimes a certain song (and even a certain album) can adhere themselves like crazy glue to a specific memory in our lives, whether it was 2 decades ago or two weeks ago.  For me, “Lindesfarne II” is one of those songs and every time I hear it I get zapped right back to a very exact place, time, and situation.  Whoever tells you that time travel doesn’t exist is dead wrong.  Each and every of us has a long list of tunes that charts a course at light speed straight to a specific memory, and James Blake’s “Lindesfarne II” is one of mine.  Enjoy. You can hear more of James’ music by clicking HERE.

LISTEN HERE: 05 Lindesfarne II

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