Brilliant Documentary Explores The Human Condition From Inside An Elevator

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LIFT is an amazing short documentary filmed in an elevator back in 2002.  Directed by Marc Isaacs, the film chronicles the comings-and-goings of a group of residents in a London apartment building and is a brilliant cross section of the human condition.

At first I found myself thinking the doc was going to focus simply on the “personal space” factor that we all encounter when packed into a small space for short periods of time.  As the director carries us through these assorted human portraits, however, we realize he’s giving us an incredible glimpse into their life stories.  Of course at first they’re a little weary of this man and his camera spending ten hours a day alone in their elevator as he reaches out to them with questions, but eventually they slowly begin to reach back.  In just 24 minutes the film manages to touch on a wide array of issues: religion, grief, addiction, loneliness, family, love, death, existentialism, hopes, dreams, and many more.

Enjoy LIFT by Marc Isaacs:


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