Morphosis’s Mind-Expanding Design For Shanghai’s GIG Headquarters

by • February 24, 2011 • Architecture, DesignComments (0)3494

If the world of architecture has its own version of Banksy, or Steve Jobs, or Aphex Twin, or Nine Inch Nails, or (fill in your preferred rebel artiste here), it would have to be Thom Payne and his rebel crew at Morphosis in Santa Monica.  Breaking rules and trashing outdated notions of what architecture is, should be, and can be, Thom is a personal hero of mine.  His latest brilliant offering is his design for the Shanghai headquarters of the Giant Interactive Group (whatever the fuck that means; I get the impression it’s an industrial business park campus, but kudos to them anyway for financing Thom’s imagination).  To see more phenomenal images (including some amazing interior shots) click HERE.

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