French Films “Golden Sea”

by • February 24, 2011 • Me, MusicComments (0)2110

Every year (usually some time around late March or April) there comes a day in Montreal when the cold weather snaps and we get zapped into a super warm and sunny day (or weekend) of blissful tropical paradise.  A God-given gift sent to us by celestial FedEx straight from the Gulf Of Mexico.  And every year I remark how everyone on the sidewalk seems to be sporting the same ridiculous zombie-esque look on their face, along with a big smile, as if they’ve just come out of hibernation after six long months and need about the same amount of time to recover from their cold weather hangover.  Every single year this happens, and I’m not even exaggerating.  When I heard French Films’ song “Golden Sea” I decided I want this to be the very first song I listen to when the first ever “Gulf Of Mexico Zombie Hibernation Release Day” hits Montreal very soon.  It’s pretty much perfect.

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