UFO In Jerusalem Was Directly Above The Dome Of The Rock, More Videos Surface

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I just read that the mysterious flying orb filmed in Jerusalem last week was actually DIRECTLY ABOVE The Dome Of The Rock.  If that doesn’t give you the chills I’m not sure what possibly could.  The site is the most important religious place on earth, holding unparalleled significance for billions of people of the three main faiths worldwide. And although I no longer subscribe to any religious dogma or scripture (I supply my spiritual needs from much more reliable sources), I can still appreciate the weight of respect accorded to this building and this sacred place.  Here’s a little background of the Dome:

The Dome Of The Rock is built around the Foundation Stone and is the holiest site on earth in Judaism. It is the origin/direction point for all Jews around the world when they pray, and is considered to be the corner stone of the entire world. During the Rapture, “those closest to the stone will be brought back first.” It is also known as the Pierced Stone because it has a small hole on the southeastern corner that enters a cavern beneath the rock, known as the Well of Souls. It is the holiest site in Judaism, as well as a holy site in Islam (it is the exact spot from which Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel). The sacred rock over which The Dome Of The Rock is built was considered holy even before the arrival of Islam.  In addition, the Dome of the Rock (or the adjacent Dome of the Chain) is believed by many to stand directly over the site of the Holy of Holies of both Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple.

Furthermore, The Well of Souls, may contain the fabled and elusive Ark of the Covenant. This is the sacred vessel that, according to biblical account, contained the original Ten Commandments tablets that God gave to Moses at Mount Sinai as the ancient Israelites wandered the desert. The Well of Souls is purportedly located below a natural cave under the rock upon which Jewish tradition says Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Knocking on the floor of the cave under The Dome Of The Rock shrine elicits a resounding hollow echo indicating there is a large cavernous space within, but no one has ever seen this alleged chamber. According to biblical accounts, the Ark was constructed of wood and coated with sheets of gold. There is general scholarly agreement that, at least at one point, it was indeed hidden in a chamber under the Temple Mount, perhaps in The Well of Souls.

And ironically, just like religion itself, if you were NOT present at the Resurrection for example, and are taking this on faith, and are hearing/seeing this fantastic story first-, second-, third-, or fourth-hand, you need to ask yourself the following question with doubled, tripled, and quadrupled force:

“Is this real, or have I been misled?”

Not having been present at either the Resurrection, or this UFO sighting, I can’t claim to know the validity of either.  All I can say is the footage is interesting, and then present it.  The rest is up to you. This is a report from CBS News:




This is a story from ABC News:


This video was the original that went viral first, showing a cluster of red UFOs in the sky at the end of the video:



Two different angles synchronized:



As you can tell, I’m a huge UFO buff, and this is fast-becoming one of the most significant collections of footage ever gathered.  But when I was younger I always had a tendency to shrug these things off as drivel. That is until a very brilliant man (who will go unnamed) presented a logic to me one day that I’ve never forgotten.  He said to me how he could’t understand people’s passionate objections to all-things UFO related.  Not only did he feel they were missing out on a hell of a lot of fun but he also asked, “What precisely is one losing BY believing?  Absolutely nothing whatsoever. And what’s more, when you DO believe, suddenly the universe becomes infinitely more interesting.” I’ve held strong to this reasoning ever since, and do NOT need to experience a UFO encounter first-hand to be able to subscribe to this belief.  Ironically, this is one place where I hold common ground with religious people: we each appear to believe in something IN FAITH without requiring any proof whatsoever.  Although I would argue, there’s far more scientific proof out there to confirm we’ve been visited by UFOs than there is proof that would confirm the existence of God as presented in any religious text.  And if these videos actually do turn out to be fakes, my belief will be as unshaken as an evangelical who maintains their faith even after their local charlatan pastor has just been exposed for corruption (or worse), or a Catholic whose Popes have been guilty of the institutionalization of child rape and genocide, or anyone who believes that Islam or orthodox Judaism is not a theatre for the subjugation of women and the prolonged misery of millions of people.  I would argue that anyone who believes in any dogmatic religion looks 10X more ridiculous than someone who believes in extraterrestrial life. Food for thought :)





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