Artist Creates Sculpture And Music From Weather Data

by • January 31, 2011 • ArtComments (0)3807

From Data Is Nature (September 8, 2010):.  .Nathalie Miebach translates astronomical, ecological and meteorological data into sculptural structures using the technique of basketry. The regular intersecting format of weaving acts a base grid on which to plot complex parametric interrelations of natural time-based interactions. The final sculptures are playful three dimensional datasets that resemble complex childrens toys as well classic models of exotic maths surfaces. One group of works transform weather data into musical scores which are then further abstracted into her trademark sculptures. Their drum-like shapes and convoluted cylinder forms are populated with little spheres (notes) which as a whole evoke some kind of music-box device. We are, perhaps, enticed into imaging these objects as media which can be inserted into into a larger reader mechanism for the generation of audio. Taking the pieces to their natural conclusion she has invited chosen musicians to interpret the sculptural notation.

You can see more of Nathalie’s work at her website HERE.

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