Zoo Kid “Out Getting Ribs”

by • January 28, 2011 • Music, VideoComments (0)2659

Zoo Kid is a 16-year-old Brit about to take the world by storm.  I discovered him on Smoke Don’t Smoke which always manages to find the most amazing new talent before anyone else.  He has classified his genre on myspace as “dub, newwave, psychobilly” (first time I’ve ever heard the word ‘psychobilly’ and will be using it every day from now on for the next month):

Zoo Kid is a sixteenish-year-old from London who makes music mature beyond his years. Pinning him down to one genre is something of a chore. Some of his songs bleed surf rock, other times he’s wearing a bluesy mask. He even manages to cram some almost spoken word hip-hop in there (a la The Streets). If there is any justice in the world, this kid will go far. There is just way too much creativity in this redhead to go unnoticed.  To hear some more of his jams visit his periodically updated bandcamp.

You can also visit Zoo Kid’s myspace page HERE.


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