Hummingbird Feeder Mask Brings The Birds Right Between Your Eyes

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If you’ve ever been frustrated by continuous failed attempts at getting close to a hummingbird then today is a very good day.  A design company is now selling a colorful hummingbird feeder mask that has a feeder hole right between your eyes.  It retails for $79.95 but I’m sure anyone with half a brain could rig one of these up on their own.  If I was a father this is something I would love to do with my kids.  I’m sure I could fill up an entire weekend with them just sitting on the front porch waiting for the birds to arrive.  Sure, you might get the odd strange glance from your neighbor but just flip them the bird and they’ll pay you no mind.  Here’s an interesting tidbit from their website:

The first few times we used an old sheet to cover up with, but quickly found out that it did not matter. The only important thing was to sit still and be patient. At the height of the season we had quite a few hummingbirds visiting the feeder and would usually have a visitor every 3 to 7 minutes. The females tended to feed longer, sometimes as long as 30 seconds, while the males where much quicker about it (5-15 seconds). It is the only feeder we have out.

To see more photos just visit their website here.

Source: Neatorama

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