Banner Photo #13

by • December 7, 2010 • Banner PhotosComments (0)2326

It’s Christmas time again, and as usual I’m a scrooge.  Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays and I look forward to it with the same level of anticipation as going to the dentist.  Sure, there’s a few good things about it: dinners, friends, family, etc.  But seriously?  I’m using this opportunity to say to the world: “Could we just turn it down a notch, please?”  Just even a little bit?  It’s so outrageously out of scale at this point I can’t wrap my head around it.  A Christian holiday that’s gone awry when most of our churches are 80% empty.  Doesn’t make sense.  Oh well, as usual, I have to surrender and put on a brave face in all the hypocrisy and capitalism at its most perverted.  Merry Christmas.  ‘Tis the season of Johnnie Walker Black, for once again Santa’s got me by the Christmas balls.

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