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by • December 1, 2010 • Banner PhotosComments (0)2318

I just got out of seeing “127 Hours” and I can’t stop thinking of the canyon landscape of Utah.  It’s the life story (in fact, it an experience that altered the course of his life) of Aron Ralston who took off on a hike into Blue John Canyon near Moab, Utah early one morning way back in 2003.  The film is directed by Danny Boyle and stars James Franco who plays Aron.  I’m not going to even bother congratulating these three guys for their accomplishments because they’re each going to be getting more than enough of that soon.  One will be congratulated for this commitment to life and hope, and the other two will be lauded for what has to be one of the most elegantly crafted depictions of a human experience ever captured on film.  Consider this an order for you to see “127 Hours.”   The message embedded in this story is something that will stay with you for a very long time, and rightfully so.


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