University Professor Catches 1/3 Of 600-Person Class Cheating, Gives Epic Speech

by • November 22, 2010 • Random NewsComments (0)2848

Using statistical analysis, University of Central Florida professor, Richard Quinn, determined that dozens of students had cheated on a test, and in the video you get to see and hear what he had to say to them.  Here is a small excerpt:

“I don’t want to have to explain to your parents why you didn’t graduate, so I went to the Dean and I made a deal.  The deal is you can either wait it out and hope that we don’t identify you, or you can identify yourself.”

The “Bimodal Distribution” graph he presented as proof of the anomaly is fascinating.  The forensic work that the university conducted on the papers is also something I would love to learn more about.  After Professor Quinn’s lecture, more than 200 students confessed.


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