“Source Code”

by • November 21, 2010 • MoviesComments (0)2589

This past winter/spring/summer I worked as a Set Designer on Tarsem Singh’s ucoming film “IMMORTALS.”  At the same time just down the hall were the offices for “Source Code” (directed by Duncan Jones who skyrocketed to credibility with “MOON”).  I remember the first day I say Jake Gyllenhaal in the gyllenhaalway by the washroom and I nearly jaked in my shorts.  So tall, so dreamy, so charming.  I could tell he wanted to jump my bones, but he was with a producer so he didn’t have the time.  He told me with his eyes, “Brent, it’s not possible today, but someday we will meet again and I will jump your bones.” From then on, every other time we exchanged gylleneyes was on set.  So no bones were ever jumped.  Le sigh.  The next best thing was getting to know his assistant, Juliana, who let me spend a lot of quality time with his dog Atticus. I must confess: I projected my love for Jake onto his German shepherd, and maybe petted him extra softly compared to a regular dog. But I’ll take what I can get. Its just too bad I never got to pet YOU though Jake: I would have “sourced” your “code” aaaaaaaaaall niiiiiiiiiiight.


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