Maxence Cyrin Releases Classical Piano Covers Of Beyoncé, The Pixies, And Daft Punk

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The focus of Maxence Cyrin’s work is two-fold.  First he creates piano equivalents of (semi) contemporary pop songs before setting the arrangements to scenes taken from classic/cult films. The results are wonderful re-interpretations, not only of the music, but also of its original visual accompaniment.  I’ve given three examples of Cyrin’s work:

1)  The first is Cyrin’s cover of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love with images from “Last Year At Marienbad” by Alain Renais (1961).

2)  The second, and most impressive of the three, is Cyrin’s cover of The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind, set to various scenes taken from “The Mysterious Lady,” a silent film starring Greta Garbo (1928).

3)  Third is Cyrin’s version of Around The World by Daft Punk (the image source is unknown).

A native of Besançon, on the Swiss border in the east of France, Maxence Cyrin spent his childhood behind a piano studying classical music. He went on to study at music academies, giving him the perfect classic musical background.  By adolescence, however, everything changed, and the young pianist started to compose dark, fantastic and surreal bits of music.  A convert of new wave and electronic industrial sounds, he recorded his first music professionally at 18-years-old.  At the same time, he began dabbling in the rave scene, and the dance movement rapidly swept him along.  Maxence became actively involved in the scene, releasing 12 records on independent labels such as Rave Age, Superstition and PCP.  You can hear more of Maxence’s music at his Myspace page here.




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