“We Make Carpets” Turn Everyday Objects Into Beautiful Works Of Art

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We Make Carpets is the creative collaboration of visual artist Bob Waardenburg and designers Stijn van der Vleuten and Marcia Nolte.  Their carpets are constructed by hand with ordinary every day materials in a very extraordinary way.  The carpets are temporary, made on the spot with no thought out plans or sketches beforehand. There is something quite striking about the impermanence of each carpet.  They are so elaborate it is sad to think that they aren’t meant to last forever.  The artists choose a material and commence on a journey together where they lay down the chosen materials one after the other in intricate patterns.  The three designers bonded over this “in the moment” approach to creating, and their style seems to fit quite well –each carpet is a handcrafted masterpiece.  Whether it is pasta, pine cones, coffee cups, or band-aids, the shape of the carpet seems to take its cue from the materials used; they dictate the patterns and designs.  When viewing from afar, the patterns are breathtaking, complete with colors that pull your eye in and act in a hypnotizing fashion.  One forgets that you are looking at an object that you may have never thought of in the context of “art” before.

See more examples from We Make Carpet here.

Source: Yatzer

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