Federico Fellini’s “Juliet Of The Spirits”

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“Juliet Of The Spirits” is a 1965 surrealist drama film about an Italian housewife, directed by Federico Fellini.  It was Fellini’s first feature-length color film, but followed his use of color in “The Temptation of Doctor Antonio” in the portmanteau film “Boccaccio ’70” (1962).  “Juliet Of The Spirits” won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.

Giulietta (Giulietta Masina) explores her subconscious and the odd lifestyle of her sexy neighbor, Suzy (Sandra Milo), as she attempts to deal with the mundane life and philandering husband (Mario Pisu) that oppress her. As she increasingly taps into her desires, as well as her demons, she slowly gains more self-awareness and, ultimately, independence.

One of my absolute favorite Fellini films.


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