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I just got back from Concord, New Hampshire where me and my friend Jake went to visit our friends Julie & Tyler and perhaps the two most adorable boys on earth, Turner and Cooper.  They just relocated from South Carolina, and I can testify that if I had to place my vote for The World’s Most Achingly Beautiful Place On Earth my vote would have to go to their home and small town in southern New Hampshire.  This past summer I visited Cape Cod with some other very good friends and thought I finally understood the “zeitgeist” of New England, but boy oh boy was missing the full scale of the beauty that exists in this part of the world.

Julie & Tyler’s homestead lies nearby the magic that is Hopkinton Road.  Scattered along Hopkinton is a collection of gorgeous clapboard Colonial homes from the mid 1700s, leading to the gorgeous town of Concord, New Hampshire.  Turner & Cooper kicked things off for me with their fascination of their toy train set which ended up setting the scale for my New Hampsire weekend: I felt like I was living in a miniature landscape of a perfectly sculpted Lalaland.  Turns out, the whole thing wasn’t a dream, it was the reality of Julie & Tyler’s “New” New England life.

I plan on visiting Julie & Tyler every weekend for the rest of my life.  Here we are on the trail that lines their huge backyard.  We almost made it to California it was that long…

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