The Swedish Lake House

by • October 18, 2010 • Architecture, DesignComments (0)4623

It’s the sort of house that adults would disappear for a week long party at….it’s the sort of house you wake up in and call your boss to say you’re, “having a sick day” simply because this house is that amazing, that you’d want to ditch all other plans just so you could sink into the cozy, “couch pit” (for lack of a better term) all day long, with a group of friends, or yourself, a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a good book. Designed by John Robert Nilsson Architects, this home sits perched above it’s woodsy, natural elements and a beautiful Swedish lake like a beacon of modern/contemporary design hope.

The infinity pool pours over the the slate balcony, with a seamless connection between nature and design- rather than feeling like you’re swimming in a pool, this infinity pool conjures up ideas of swimming in a natural spring, minus all the creepy crawlers that come along with it. The interior is minimal, unfussy and straightforward- the floor to ceiling windows bring the outdoors, in and the design speaks for itself- no need to mess with something that was built with perfection from the beginning right?! It’s homes like these that are so complete, it makes moving in and leaving all the boxes from your old place behind- I could make a home for myself in that little couch nook outside, I’d be one happy camper, no pun intended.

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