Green Wall Removes 15,000lbs Of Dust & Toxins From Air Each Year

by • October 12, 2010 • Design, Health, NatureComments (0)3171

Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is now home to North America’s largest green wall installation.  This past weekend the Garden’s new East Conservatory Plaza opened to the public, and revealed a long, curved facade of ferns and bountiful light from above.  The wall was designed by GSky to be fully automated and require low maintenance.

The majority of the 47,000 plants are ferns which are planted in a non-soil growth medium.  Remote operated drip line irrigation and an array of sensors maintain the plants to help ensure quality control and longevity.  The wall essentially acts like a lung for the complex.  An estimated 15,500lbs of dust and toxins will be removed from the air each year, and the more visitors, the more C02 for the plants to metabolize and exchange for 02.

Read the full story at Inhabit.

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