Zack Snyder To Direct “Superman” Reboot

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It’s been (almost) confirmed that Zack Snyder will be helming the upcoming “Superman” film.

Not many details are known about the project besides the fact that they need to get it going by 2012 before they lose the rights and that it will have some sort of connection to the Richard Donner “Superman” series of the past.  Heat Vision, interestingly, also hints that the villain might be none other than General Zod.  Zack won the gig by meeting with studio execs and producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas, almost all of whom are familiar with him considering his last few movies have all been made at Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers.

It’s still not official yet, so in this business anything could happen.  TRANSLATION: Zack is not the director until the first day of shooting.  I remember back in 2005 working with Zack as a Set Designer on “300” and being so blown away by his creative energy.  In the office it was all about ideas and concepts, and more new ideas and new concepts about those ideas and concepts.  I remember one 30-foot wall that was covered top-to-bottom and side-to-side with countless options just for the cloud/sky treatment alone.  The guy has more creativity in his his pinky finger at any given moment than most people will ever enjoy in their entire lifetime.  I remember the first day on the job reading through Frank Miller’s graphic novel of “300” and thinking to myself “This is going to be the stupidest movie ever made,” but in no time at all, all worries were put to rest as soon as we came to see how deep Zack’s vision was.  He’s truly an amazing talent and has a gift for storytelling.  I also hope General Zod comes back for this film because the memories I have of that storyline when I was a little boy still resonate today.  When him and his two counterparts were banished into the beyond, being trapped in that pane of glass, I cheered like a maniac.




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