TRON: Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk Gets a Release Date, Fans Worldwide Declare It An International Holiday

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Fans of the upcoming TRON: Legacy (in theaters December 17) and fans of Daft Punk (or “Daftron Punks” as I like to call them–including yours truly of course) can rest a little easier today as an official release date for the soundtrack has been announced.  November 22 is the glorious day when we can all sit back in our infinite glowing black glass alternate world living rooms, crank up the volume on our custom-made Daft Punk 80′ tall pyramid speakers, lean back in our plush Daft Punk pyramid chair wearing our custom-made Daft Punk helmet, sipping a cold & icy delicious Daft Punk vodka cocktail, and be carried away to the magical world of TRON.  On that day you can order the $9.99 digital copy of the soundtrack, or for $39.98 you can order a CD version that comes with an exclusive poster and one magical secret exclusive track.

Visit the official website for the Tron Soundtrack.  Here’s the first trailer that was released several months ago (I much prefer it compared to the latest trailer):


And just because it’s perhaps one of the greatest songs of all time:


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