Expert Tips for Mending a Relationship With an Ex

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Perhaps love is not dead after all! Breakups do hurt badly indeed, but along the way, some people may realize that they made a big mistake by ending things. Sometimes, people grow closer when they are apart. This gives them a chance to have a look at the relationship from the outside which helps them figure things out. The breakup phase can be tense, messy, and overwhelming, but it doesn’t always mean the end of the road for some relationships. Some couples realize that they are better suited together after some time and space. So, unless the relationship was abusive or toxic, you can still reclaim the connection and revive the flame instead of burning bridges. Read on to learn some valuable tips on how to fix a relationship with an ex.

Acknowledge What Went Wrong

The first step in solving any problem is knowing what caused it in the first place. Failing to understand why your ex doesn’t want to be with you can make it extremely difficult to earn their trust or fix things, and vice versa. So, dig a little deeper until you get to the bottom of it. Was the breakup sudden or did you see it coming? The answers to this question and more can certainly help you not only understand your ex’s feelings but yours as well.

Take Space and Time

Right after a breakup, you and your ex are at the most vulnerable point. It is healthier and more rational not to rush back into things in the heat of the moment. Instead, you can cease contact for a considerable time. Sam from says that the information in this resource is helpful when it comes to encouraging people not to instantly contact their exes. You need to take the time to think about the mistakes you both made and see if there is a way to make them right. Besides, the time apart will help both of you reflect on what happened and can even induce feelings of longing as you start to miss each other. During this break, you will build up the confidence to take a serious step towards healing this relationship.

Take up Physical Activities

No matter how difficult it is to get up or be productive, you should do your best to take care of yourself, starting with your body. An impressive body transformation shows a finer version of yourself; it also proves that you have control and discipline— traits your ex may have thought were missing in you. Take all the time you need to exercise and get into amazing shape and this will have positive influences on both of you.

Regain Your Self-esteem

It isn’t as cliché as it may sound; it is certainly the optimal step to get a lot of things fixed. After you’ve given your ex space and time and you are working to right the wrongs, now it’s time to focus on you. Altering your personality for the better is an efficient way of having a positive outlook; it doesn’t necessarily mean changing the core aspects of who you are. Achieving this change should not only be for your ex but yourself. 

Focus on the things that make you happy alone like ways of escaping. Find your comfort zone; there is no shame in staying there for a while. Accomplishing progress in aspects such as appearance, attitude, and mentality can help you out a lot. Try not to be alone in this; talk to a friend, a family, or even a therapist. Talking about it will help, especially with loved ones around. The confidence you will gain is priceless.

Reconnect with Your Friends

Whether people like to admit it or not, being a relationship is a serious commitment and it often takes them away from their friends for a considerable while. Overwhelmed with the void and loneliness left by a former significant other is a big burden to bear alone. Give your close friends a call, gather, and have a good time. While you may not find the intimacy provided by a romantic partner, you will certainly gain warmth and support which are what you need at the moment. Seeing old friends revives the heart and decreases lonely episodes for a bit.

Believe in Yourself

It’s the age-old advice, but it is truly made of gold. If you do not feel worthy enough to win over your ex again, this will show in how you act and look, which can decrease your chances of getting back together. Remember that you already built a relationship with this person before. So with more effort, patience, flexibility, rationality, and a dash of determination, you can make a recipe for success. How about looking back at what they love? We all love compassionate gestures; it doesn’t always need to be extravagant. The most important thing is sincerity and affection.

Take It Slow

While the goal may seem so out of reach, some hope can keep you going. Remember that you are treading on delicate lands. So dealing with it one step at a time is going to gradually help you reach a better standing. Venting out too hard on social media or showing hatred towards them will certainly backfire. Besides, the technique of showing them what they lost is outdated and makes people look vindictive. For instance, if you go back to being on speaking terms, don’t push too hard. It is better to be casual about it and not too clingy. Not texting or calling too much will show your ex a respectable level of maturity and rationality.

If there’s one thing that all people agree on, it’s that breakups are extremely difficult. Whether it was you who ended it or if it was your significant other, the situation can be hard to process for both of you. Oftentimes, couples realize how they made a big mistake by ending their relationship, so they try to fix what’s broken and start over. While it’s a heartwarming sentiment to think of reconciliation, it is not an easy task. Hopefully, with the previous guide, you can learn more about how to resolve and mend your relationship with your ex.



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