Watch This CBS NEWS Report On How Cats Have Become The Titans Of Overall Online Traffic & Marketing

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The Internet is an infinite source of trends and memes, but no one can deny the reigning crown of the World Wide Web belongs to the most beloved and entertaining creature on earth — the cat.  A staggering 15% of all Internet traffic is connected to cats, and as with any segment of public interest as big as this — it can be an enormously profitable business as well.  Maru, the adorable Scottish Fold cat from Japan, is by far the most famous — a whopping 200,000,000 YouTube views of his videos easily rank him as #1 superstar of cats worldwide (you can check out Maru’s blog HERE).  Another famous face in the cat world is Henri, the male tuxedo cat who stars in the web series Henri, le Chat Noir which chronicles his pessimistically French philosophies of his daily life (visit  CBS This Morning recently profiled the online success of these and other cats and you can watch the report it in full below.

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MaruCBSSource: CBS This Morning

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