Check Out This Impressive Scale Comparison Of The United States vs. The Diameter Of Our Moon

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When I stumbled across the following image showing a scaled comparison of the United States superimposed with an image of the Moon, I was seriously impressed.  Sometimes I find myself fascinated by various cities, and in order to get a grasp of how big they are compared to my home city here in Montreal I will often overlay a map of the two cities together just to get a sense of relative comparison.  So when I saw this U.S-Moon graphic the first thing that ran through my mind was, “Why the hell didn’t I think of this myself?”  For some reason I had always imagined the Moon being much bigger than this, but as it turns out, the Moon’s diameter and the width of the United States are strikingly similar.  Also, take a look at the chart showing the Moon’s distance from the Earth.

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MoonUSSource: It’s Okay To Be Smart

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