PornHub™ Releases Crazy Chart Of What Happened To Their Ratings During Last 2 Games Of NBA Finals

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Miami Heat‘s LeBron James scored 37 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in a 95-88 victory against the San Antonio Spurs Thursday night in a tense game that was tight until Miami pulled away in the final minute.  CBC NEWS reports: “Capping their best season in franchise history — and perhaps the three-superstar system they used to build it — the Heat ran off with the second straight thriller in the NBA’s first championship series to go the distance since 2010.”

Last night’s game is already being ranked as one of the most legendary in basketball history, and you can be sure there were some very satisfied women in Florida’s biggest city into the wee hours of Friday morning.  And not only the wives and girlfriends of Miami Heat’s all star roster, but also the wives and girlfriends of basketball fans across North America at large.  As it turns out, all those tense hours of watching the NBA Finals meant that all these men were removed from their other favorite pastime — watching porn.

Executives from, the most successful and most-watched online porn site in the universe, just released a fascinating chart which shows exactly what kind of drop in traffic occurred on their servers during all seven of the NBA games.  Take a look at the red line which indicates Miami viewership on PornHub™ as well as the blue line which charts the site’s San Antonio traffic.  The numbers look pretty limp especially during games 6 and 7, but I’m sure they’ll be rock hard again tonight.

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NBApornhubSource: Business Insider

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