Watch This CBS Report On How To Spot A Drowning Child By Knowing Exactly What To Look For

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It’s that time of the year again when swimming pools and beaches all over the northern hemisphere are bustling with hyperactive kids ready to make the most of their time in the water after a long winter of being holed up indoors.  But with this surge of overexcited swimmers comes a surge in water-related drownings as well.  It’s a grim statistic, but drowning is the second most common cause of accidental death in children aged 14 and younger.  Although I have never witnessed or seen footage of a child  drowning myself, I had always assumed the signs would be obvious to the untrained eye.  As it turns out, not only are the signs not obvious, there are many instances where a child in the midst of drowning can appear as if he/she is splashing around and having a jolly good ol’ time.  Watch this fascinating CBS This Morning report from correspondent Don Dahler below which includes actual footage taken of kids who were really drowning before they were rescued.

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Friends Swimming Underwater in Backyard PoolSource: CBS This Morning

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