Did You Know: Glenn Gould Was A Diehard Streisand Fan And Wanted To Collaborate On Her 1973 Album

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FEELguide reader Sandro just sent me a terrific story about legendary Canadian pianist Glenn Gould‘s love of Barbra Streisand.  When Streisand released her 1976 album Classical Barbara (recorded in 1973), Gould wrote a review in a 1976 issue of High Fidelity.  The following is an excerpt: “For me, the Streisand voice is one of the natural wonders of the age, an instrument of infinite diversity and timbral resource. It is not, to be sure, devoid of problem areas—which is an observation at least as perspicacious as the comment that a harpsichord is not a piano or, if you insist, vice versa. Streisand always has had problems with the upper third of the stave-breaking the C-sharp barrier in low gear is chief among them—but space does not permit us to count the ways in which, with ever-increasing ingenuity, she has turned this impediment to advantage. I cannot, however, let the occasion pass without mention of a moment of special glory—the ‘Nothing, nothing, nothing’ motif, securely focused on D flat and C natural, from the final seconds of that Puccini-like blockbuster, ‘He Touched Me.'”  You can read the review in full by visiting Barbra-Archives.com.  Sony recently re-released the album and you can purchase your own copy on iTunes.

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