The WOW Files: BEACH HOUSE Releases A Brand New Beautiful “Myth” Into The World

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It doesn’t get much better than BEACH HOUSE, my friends.  Their 2010 album Teen Dream is something I will cherish for the rest of my life, one of those albums that is consistently revelatory and timeless (pick up your own copy HERE).  The other day I was talking with a friend about how we live in a world where we “consume” music, often forgetting about album after album as we move on to the next one.  BEACH HOUSE, however, is one of those rare bands which always seem to rise to the top of the pack — and the top of my memory as well.  They are quite simply unforgettable.  Today they released a brand new rapturous song entitled “Myth” and it’s drop dead gorgeous.  The song is the very first glimpse of their upcoming album Bloom, and the lyrics such as: “If you built yourself a myth and know just what to give, What comes after this?” appear to suggest an immediate disclaimer to their fans — don’t expect another Teen Dream.  Which is the fairest thing any lover of BEACH HOUSE could give in return to one of the world’s most incredible musical acts who have given us so, so much already.  If you’ve been aching to once again hear the exquisitely haunting vocals of Victoria Legrand and the dreamy guitar work of Alex Scally I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Neither BEACH HOUSE, nor their label SUB POP, have confirmed a release date — or even that a new album exists at all — except for the fact that many inside sources are all but certain that May 15th is the big day when Bloom will blossom.  To stay on top of all BEACH HOUSE news be sure to follow them on Facebook and visit their website

Source: SUB POP on Facebook

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