The WOW Files: Listen To LONEY, DEAR’s “Summers”, One Of The Most Beautiful Songs Ever Made

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There are songs — and then there are Songs.  Such is the case with Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist LONEY, DEAR (a.k.a. Emil Svanängen) and his song “Summers” from his stunning 2009 album Dear John.  Few musicians have resonated on as deep an emotional level with me as LONEY, DEAR has throughout the years, and his incredible gift for songwriting and song-structuring is unparalleled as far as I’m concerned.  Every time I hear this song I get equal-parts misty-eyed and empowered, and my imagination is ignited in some mysterious way with images of friends, heatwaves, beaches, frisbees and barbecues all collaged together in luscious HD slow motion. “Summers” is easily the most rapturously euphoric dedication to summer (the greatest of all seasons) that you will ever hear in your life.  The very same season which, in case you haven’t heard, is right around the corner.  To enter the world of LONEY, DEAR be sure to visit, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and get purchase links to his entire mindblowing catalogue on Bandcamp.  LONEY, DEAR kicks off his North American tour in Los Angeles on March 19th, with his final show currently scheduled for April 7th in Atlanta (Emil, I don’t see a Montreal performance on you list as of this morning, but I’m assuming this is due to an error on the part of your website designer — which will be corrected shortly, right?).  To see LONEY DEAR’s list of tour dates CLICK HERE.  To purchase the song “Summers” or the entire album Dear John CLICK HERE.

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