Famed Industrial Designer Ora-Ïto’s Jaw Dropping UFO Design For Citroën

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Citroën, the dynastic French automobile manufacturer founded in 1919, recently partnered with groundbreaking French industrial designer Ora-Ïto (Ito Morabito, born 1977) for a fascinating project entitled Mutation. Opening in Milan last month in conjunction with the hugely successful Milan Design Week, the collaboration saw Ora-Ïto create two achingly beautiful pieces inspired by the classic signature stylings of Citroën’s cars: first is his chair design “Evo Mobil”, and second is his exquisite “UFO”.  Citroën’s goal for the project was to bring a childhood dream into reality and the realm of contemporary art, but also to take the “genetic code” of Citroën’s design language and transplant it into an elaborate design from the future of car manufacturing and industrial design.  Citroën released the following statement:

“In the vocabulary of Ora-Ïto, we find a real assertion expressing and realizing the imagination. Inspired by the fluid curves of the Citroën “Traction Avant” monocoque structure and based on his designer’s competences, Ora-Ïto reflects on the ergonomics of the interior of the first mobile module. He has worked on the codes, the DNA and the philosophy of the car industry to modernize it with the possibilities and the existing technologies. Associated to the research and innovation department of dynastic Citroën, he has developed a surprising and unexpected sculpture joining all the parameters and the technologies appropriate for the universe of car manufacturers. The vehicle is based on the future of transport mixed with one of the most famous cars in the world.”

To see more gorgeous pics of “UFO” as well as the “Evo Mobil” chair design be sure to visit Dezeen. And to learn more about the extraordinary talent of this designer you can visit his website at Ora-Ito.com.

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