Bon Iver Commissions Artist Gregory Euclide To Design Cover Art For Upcoming Self-Titled Album

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I’m not a die hard fan of “neo-soul” group Bon Iver (i.e. I wouldn’t wait in line through a rain storm for concert tickets), but I do really enjoy their music and I might even go as far to say this is one of those groups that I could eventually fall in love with down the road.  Almost like two people who’ve been really close for years and then one day something changes.  I’ve always felt a connection with their music, but I can’t say the magical “spark” has happened yet.  I just came across the new cover art for their upcoming self-titled album (being released on June 21, 2011) and it was created by artist Gregory Euclide (see the first image below).  I love his style of kitschy landscape paintings that are done in such a way as to reveal a deeper more complex world within (and literally “behind” with his peeled canvas technique; notice the roots of the trees being revealed).  I picked a few more of my favorite pieces of his, but trust me: there’s a ton of other great work in his collection so be sure to visit him at For all things Bon Iver-related (including the deets on their June album) check out, or listen to them at MySpace. And if you’ve never listened to their gorgeous, heart-wrenching song “Stacks” you are in for the best six minutes of your day.  Guaranteed.

Source: The Strange Attractor

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