Foxes In Fiction Play Impromptu Mini Magical Concert On Top Of Irvine Parking Garage

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Foxes In Fiction are such a lovely little gem of a band that this new home video they just posted for the song “Bathurst” almost takes half the edge of the epically shittacular 6-hour drive I just endured to my family’s place in northern Ontario today for the Easter weekend.  Don’t EVEN get me started.  Seriously, don’t even.  My philosophy in life is that some of the most phenomenal moments to be had are ones that came out of a last-minute surprise change or cancellation or spontaneous leap of faith.  And although it’s not the most amazing video you will ever see in your life there is still something so beautiful, innocent, heartwarming and downright magical about it (it also doesn’t hurt that the song itself is so f-ing adorable).  Here’s what they had to say in their own words about the night in question:

After my guy fell through and had a paid gig, It was an hour until show time, and we still didn’t have an amp or pa system yet. About ten calls later we had one “borrowed” from the local college radio show in Irvine, CA. Dude said it was cool. chill. So, it was on, we had our beers, our bands (Yohuna, Call Before You Dig, Happy Trendy), and Foxes in Fiction – who rounded out the rooftop show in fashion, using his last song to play “Flashing Lights Have Ended Now” as the cops shut us down- but ever so politely. Taking no under-agers to jail that night for a tall can or a ciggy. It was the second show the 5-0 had shut down early on the “Mini Cali-Tour.” Call Before You Dig even gave the cop a free CD as he was taking off. It was a great night, and I didn’t mind the long drive back to LA afterwords because KCRW was playing the best shit and I had a full pack of cigarettes.

Be still my heart.  Whoever wrote this shit I wish I could have curled up with you in the back seat of that car for the drive back home listening to KCRW and smoking all of your cigarettes together with you.  Whoever you are, I look forward to making out with you hardcore some day soon.  Call me when you get to Montreal OK? (“Ohhh, le sigh…”) The video was directed by Jon Casey, and co-shot with Brian Vu, with editing by JC.  You can follow Foxes In Fiction at or on their Facebook page. And if you haven’t heard their song “Flashing Lights Have Ended Now” you absolutely must:

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Source: Foxes In Fiction on Facebook

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